Hawaiian Hula classes in the New York area
Luana Haraguch

Halau Hula O Na Mele Aina O Hawaii first opened its doors in New York City in May 1968 under the guidance of Luana Haraguchi, where Haraguchi would hold hula classes in her studio apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The halau was given its name from her teacher, Iolani Luahine. From its small roots flourished a group that comprised of dedicated students who were interested in learning hula and Hawaiian traditions.

The halau practices the traditional style of hula and protocols. The ancient style of hula, known as the kahiko and the modern style, known as auana, are both taught by Haraguchi. Haraguchi also emphasizes the learning of the chant, or `oli of each dance that is learned.

Luana Haraguch

In addition to the learning of the`oli and dances, the group performs what they have learned in various community events and locations in the city. Performing gives the students a chance to embrace what they have learned and share the Hawaiian culture with those who normally would not be exposed to it.

Today there are approximately thirty men and women of all levels of experience taking classes in both New York City and Orangeburg, New York. There is also a separate children's (keiki) class that is held in Orangeburg. Classes are open to people of all ages and experience.


Luana Haraguch
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