Hawaiian Hula classes in the New York area

Last updated: Thursday, 5/10/07 9am

The new class skirt will differ from the plain green pa’u.  There will only be one layer outside.  The upper layer that you see on your current skirt will now be inside the skirt.  There will be no ruffle at the waist of the skirt, and there will be no spacings between the casings at the waist.  The bottom part of the skirt should be uniform with everyone else’s skirt.  The top part will vary by the height of the actual girl. 



  1. Hem the two shorter sides of the fabric.
    1. Lay the fabric out, print side down.
    2. Fold one side of the short side of the skirt in ¼ inch, then over ¼ inch again, and sew the across the entire length.  

      <fold over once 1/4 inch>

    <fold over again 1/4 inch and sew the entire length>

2. Close the two shorter sides of the fabric.

3. Now, for the two longer sides of the fabric, first figure out which will be the top, and which side will be the bottom.  The top side will be the side that has the wider green band, and may also have the words  printed on it.  The bottom of the skirt will have the narrower green band.

<This is the top side>


<This is the bottom side>


4. Hem the top side of the fabric

a. Fold in ¼ inch of the long side of the fabric, and then fold over another ¼ inch, and sew the hem across the entire length of  5-6 yards.  


5. Hem the bottom skirt so that the green band at the bottom is ¾ inch wide.  (i.e. the distance from the edge of the fabric to the start of the black print should be 3/4 inch wide after hemming it. Follow the same guidelines as the hems on the other sides: fold over twice before sewing (this time the you may have to fold more than 1/4 inch each time, depending on your fabric).

<fold over once>

<fold over again>

<ensure bottom band is 3/4 inch before sewing (this length should be uniform with other girls' skirts>

<This is the hem of the bottom part of the skirt (skirt is inverted)>

6. Once all four sides are hemmed, close the shorter sides of the skirt. Now you need to figure out how long your skirt should be.  To figure this out, fold the top of the skirt over (so non-print sides touch each other) and hold the fabric to your hips, just underneath your belly button.  Have someone measure the distance from the floor to the edge of your fabric.  The distance should be about 8 inches.  Adjust the top of your skirt accordingly so that the bottom hem measures 8 inches from the ground.


7. Now sew your casings at the waist area.  5 casings should be sewn at a width of ¾ inch, starting immediately at the top the ‘new’, folded-over top part of the skirt (remember there will be no top ruffle or spacing between the casings).Click here to see video for how to sew the casings:



8. Using skinny curtain rods, safety pins or other instrument, pull elastics (1/2 inch or 5/8 inch wide) through the five casings (you will have to unstitch some thread to make room to pull the elastic through.  The elastic should be long enough to stretch to your hip size. 


9. Close the elastics, and close the casing openings once you are finished.

<hem after the skirt is closed>

<other side of the skirt>


<This is the finished skirt>


<This is how the inside part of the skirt looks like. Remember, the length of the top layer of the skirt will vary by your height>



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